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The bolt in door bars are specifically designed to give torsional stiffness to the chassis of your MX-5, that will help keep a more even load on all wheels in turn improving road holding. The stiffer the chassis the more even the weight distribution will be on all tyres which is a must for cornering and superior handling.
Made from 45mm cold formed high grade carbon steel, this pair of door bars are beautifully hand welded then shot blasted, zinc primed and finally powder coated to the highest standard giving maximum durability.
Features Include:
  • Hand made from quality high grade carbon steel
  • Designed to give increased stiffness to the chassis leading to improved handling
  • Suitable for use in all Mk1, Mk2 & 2.5 models with no other modifications required
  • Supplied with all the required fittings and instructions
Fits all right and left hand drive Mk1, Mk2 & 2.5 models, 1989>2005
Price: £240.00